Box lunch - the rock box the pebble pusher a pitbull

Want a healthy, fast lunch? Just call in your order or stop by! Not only does our lunch menu boast our famous Chicken Salad sandwich box lunch, but we also have a large variety of other classic and specialty sandwiches to fit any appetite. We also have fresh salads and wraps made to order. (Sandwich/wrap box lunches include a pickle, chips, fruit, cheese, and a cookie.)

Well, he had his action and he wanted to go to sleep. But that wasn't what the others were into, except for Jill, who sat close to him. The Lincoln limousine pulled in front of the third discotheque they'd been to that evening. They hadn't stayed at the others because Henry didn't think they were quite right.

"We'll just go in and check it out," said Henry. "Just one more. If we don't dig it, we'll leave."

David mustered a small protest. "Try it," laughed Henry. "You'll like it."

So David was herded into the Hippopotamus.

"Wait here," said Ron, David's valet. "I'll go take a look."

Ron climbed the steps to a room which poured out music and cigarette smoke, lit purple and pink.

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded the doorman, who barred Ron's entrance to the room.

"You don't understand," Ron said. His voice had a bitchy edge on it now. "I'm here with Mr. Cassidy, my employer. I have to see if the place is all right. You see, there he is right there, standing with those people just inside the door. David Cassidy."


"Right there," Ron was almost screaming. "In the blue coat."

The doorman squinted at the slight figure in the dark hallway, then looked back at Ron.

"That's David Cassidy!" Ron said. The doorman looked at David again. He shrugged. "Who's David Cassidy?"

Only three weeks earlier that same David Cassidy had set an attendance record at the Houston Astrodome, selling 56,723 tickets to two matinees on the same day.

Box Lunch - The Rock Box The Pebble Pusher A PitbullBox Lunch - The Rock Box The Pebble Pusher A PitbullBox Lunch - The Rock Box The Pebble Pusher A PitbullBox Lunch - The Rock Box The Pebble Pusher A Pitbull